We Make Funny Video Ads That Sell

At Cardboard Rocketship, your video ad will be written, directed and produced by television showrunners who know how to make your product attractive and entertaining.

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Over 2 Million Views And Counting

How is Our work different?

Normal Brand Advertising

Most ads you see on TV are entertaining but they have a really low Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).  You end up paying a fortune for an ad that doesn’t persuade anyone to buy from you.

Call Now TV Ads

On the other hand, those scammy late night ads are effective at driving sales, but they leave a sour taste in your mouth. They might make the sale but they can create a negative perception of your brand.

Funny Ads That Sell

We make persuasive ads that are written in clever ways to drive sales. Our ads will capture your customers attention, demonstrate the value of your product, and turn your customers into brand evangelists.  You will be shocked when you see how many conversions you get!

Why Cardboard Rocketship?

Unique Blend of Experience

Unlike most ad agencies, we’ve actually spent millions of dollars of our own money running Facebook ads. When it’s your own money on the line, you learn fast.

Boutique Services

We don’t outsource your work, or pass it off to the “B-team.” We’re with you every step of the way.

Flexible Pricing

We offer two pricing structures:
    Flat Fee
    Smaller upfront fee + percentage of ad spend

Funny Ads get Great Engagement

The cost of running ads on Facebook has increased by 70% year over year. In order to maximize your advertising dollar, you need a video ad that gets tons of likes, comments, and shares.

How We Make Facebook Ads That Sell

Thumb Stopping

It’s tough to get people to pay attention to an ad! And if people don’t stop for your ad then how can you demonstrate the value of your product?  We use the magic of show biz to stop people dead in their tracks.  Who doesn’t love a free comedy short?


Once you get someone to stop, now it’s time to start selling.  We use clever demonstrations to show how your product benefits customers. We will keep your customers laughing until they reach the thankyou page.


Our ads are funny so you will get shares!  And shares are an extremely effective form of word of mouth advertising… and everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising.

About The Founders

Michael Jamin

A graduate of Princeton University, Michael Jamin has been a sitcom writer since 1996. His many credits include Just Shoot Me, King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Out of Practice, Wilfred, Rules of Engagement, Brickleberry, and Tacoma FD. He’s also served as Co-Showrunner/Executive Producer of Maron, Glenn Martin DDS and Rhett & Link’s Buddy System.

In 2007, his wife Cynthia started TwirlyGirl, a unique line of girls clothing. By applying his sitcom writing and producing skills to their marketing videos, Michael helped grow TwirlyGirl into a multi-million dollar brand.

(Not cool enough to have an IMDB)

Andy Bedell

Andy is the Director of marketing for KeySmart, one of Shopify’s largest ecommerce stores. In addition to KeySmart, Andy is an advertising consultant who works with advertising agencies, ecommerce stores, and Kickstarter campaigns. Andy has a wide range of experience selling products online, from key chains to $10,000 business courses to Luxury Condos in Australia. Whatever your product is, Andy can help you sell it through digital advertising.

Andy got his start in direct response advertising working for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. While there, he learned the fundamentals of marketing from Chicago Booth Marketing professors. He also managed a multi-million dollar marketing budget consisting of digital ads, direct mail, print, and more. Andy has had experience purchasing just about every kind of advertisement you can imagine and can help create a media buying plan that will make your company money.

Facebook Loved This One:


Return on ad spend from all ads in collection format combined


Of all 2017 sales were directly attributed to Facebook ads


Increase in anual revenue
Results were taken from Facebook’s own analysis of our ads’ performances
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